Theme Week: Just Around the Corner

I am posting from a rocking chair on a porch overlooking the North Carolina mountains; cup of coffee to my left and laptop battery on low. This reprieve is one of many I have taken since moving to Atlanta after discovering that it is necessary for me to escape city living for a few days to maintain balance.

While sitting here it caused me to wonder; with the maelstrom of activities that often haunts awesome, enigmatic and charming people as this family so clearly embodies – I wanted to see where each person goes ‘just around the corner’ to recharge. It can be a favorite chair, pages of your favorite book, prayer corner, running trail, et al.  I’d like to see where you go when you need to recharge?

Chestnut Cottage Front Porch

Fun anecdote, this cabin is a short walk away from the Appalachian trail and the town of Hot Springs, NC is a stop along the long journey for through-hikers walking from Georgia. to Maine.