Salt & Straw, duh.

I really wish Salt & Straw would expand to Utah. It would even fit well here (aside from the alcohol references) the majority of adults don’t go to bars as much here due to the strong LDS influence. But they LOVE their ice cream shops (perfect date night- amirite?). AND the shops here aren’t anything special. I almost wrote a letter to Salt & Straw about this. I did some research on LinkedIn to figure out who in their company I should send the email to, then realized the decision maker has lived in Utah recently and I gave up. That person KNOWS, they get it and they didn’t need my encouragement. It’s either going to happen or not. My letter would not be helpful. Sigh. I’m just an internet creep that has to console herself with a decent compromise of Tillamook Marionberry Pie ice cream.

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