About Us

Well, it all started here:

wedding 1

Two people fell in love and they had three adorable little kids.


They grew and suddenly there was one more to add to the bunch.

Kathleen and Fam

Then the family grew


and grew


and grew (in fact hard to get us all together to take a picture these days).

fam bam

And is still growing today.


But how did this family stay so close while it grew? Every summer all the children of the family would go out to Granny and Grandpa’s house in the country, lovingly called Willow Pond. For a week they would experience Willow Pond Wilderness Week or WPWW as it was called. With daily chores, arts and crafts, projects planned by campers and leaders, and of course matching T-shirts -it was legendary.

line up WPWW

At the end of the week the parents would come and witness a play that would have taken a community theater months to prepare.

 chore3 sets 1

Sets, costumes, original lyrics put to well known songs, inside family jokes, original choreography, and tons of lines to memorize it was a feat. You do a lot of bonding at 2am when sets aren’t done and the play is the next day!


Hence our family, that hasn’t lost its close feel. We still get together when we can near and far.


That still goes on a family hike every year,

Lake Hike 2014

still enjoys Portland (our homebase),

ohpc annnual party

and has maintained a curiosity and excitement about life. Join us in living curiously!

4 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. It looks like somebody went to a lot of work to put this page together! It looks also looks like this family has a lot of fun when they get together :)!!

  2. I love your website. Looks like a lot of fun by everyone, when I have time and a need your recipes look delish. Your website looks like a lot of work to make. I have seen a table full of quilt pieces cut out, what are you planning on doing with it ?
    You two are too creative , wears me out.

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