Toddlers and a Hot Summer: Not a good mix

Now I know many people do not think 100 degree weather means you can’t go outside but I along with many Oregonians (Abigail not included) just want to hide inside when the sun comes out.

This isn’t generally a problem unless you have an 18 month old that has to burn off x amount of calories everyday before they will nap. This calorie burn usually involves a walk or a trip to the park but today I just didn’t want to do either of those things.

Instead I thought, “I would love to have an indoor jungle gym!” while yes I did find a lot of ideas on Pinterest none of them were doable today. So instead I looked around the house and came up with something in about 3 minutes. I created an obstacle.

I have several boxes full of wipes and diapers, and even empty boxes that are sturdy enough for Wyatt to climb and stand on. I also found our foam letter mats that we haven’t used yet. I stacked them all in the hallway so that he couldn’t move around them. Now at first, he just tried to move them but I explained that he had to climb over and the fun began! I would jump to one side of the pile and tell him to come get me and then play with him and then jump to the other side and do the same. We had a super fun time and he was all tuckered out when it was time for his nap.      – Kathleen

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What a beautiful sight!