Far Away Foods: Wings! For Burgers?!

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So several years ago I was alone for the first time in the big city of L.A. More specifically Marina Del Rey which is a stones throw from Venice Beach. I finally ventured down to the beach by myself and I was starving. I stopped at this place on the beach and got a burger. Little did I realize it was going to be the best burger I had ever eaten in my life!!!

I know, I know, it was because I was starving and there was no one else there to be a witness so it probably didn’t even happen.

Years later, partly because I was so hungry to have this burger again, Jake and I finally ventured all the way to Venice Beach and we got to the spot where I remembered it being. We looked around and all we saw was this place called The Wings- Famous Chicken Wings. I suddenly felt like perhaps I’d experienced a “How I Met Your Mother” moment when Marshall can never find the place in New York  where he had the best burger in the world. Feeling panicky I decided to walk into the chicken place. As soon as I walked in the door I smelled the smell,recognized the decor, and even think I recognized the cook.

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Apparently when I was so hungry the first time I had never realized it was a chicken place. ANYWAY, yes, Jake agreed, it was the best burger ever. I can’t even explain why. I remember it being juicy with a toasted bun but beyond that all I can say is: It was perfect!

Duyck Brothers’ Burger Blog

So Matt and I are going to start doing a weekly hang out where we try and eat the best burgers we can get to and eat within an hour. We decided to do reviews of these places and maintain a ranking. One person will pick and pay, and the other will write the review to try and offset the work.

Only burgers that we eat together and as part of the weekly meet and eat will count towards this ranking. Matt will pick the first place and I hopefully will have a post up this week!

Please comment below and let us know if you know of places that you’d like to see a poorly written review about or a dimly lit photo from, and we’ll do our best!