I’m With Her

I’m not a really responsible music consumer these days. Mostly, I just let top 40 take me away and over 50% of what I listen to these days in the 1989 Taylor Swift album (its one of 3 albums have downloaded on my iPhone) so when I get really into a new music group its like I’m eating Nutella for the  first time in my life, I have a really hard time controlling myself and just gorge on it and find any vehicle to consume.

I’m With Her is my current Nutella.

Here’s how it starts, Sarah Watkins, Sarah Jarosz and Aoife O’Donovan were hanging out at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival (bucket list) and played some tunes together. Then they were like “that was fun, right? let’s keep doing that” Yes. Please.


Omg, thats fantastic, right? If it hasn’t clicked (or you don’t follow these women) here’s a little bit about them:

  • Sarah Watkins played fiddle and sang in Nickle Creek and the past couple years has been hanging out with Garrison Keillor and touring with Prairie Home Companion.
  • Sarah Jarosz has an impressive solo career,  sings, plays the mandolin and banjo and is touring with Garrison Keillor on the Prairie Home Companion tour this summer.
  • Aoife O’Donovan is the lead singer of Crooked Still and makes occasional appearances on Prairie Home Companion.

These are just a bunch of really talented and amazing women and I really hope this group sticks together and are around for a while. Also, they clearly keep good company in hanging out together and with Garrison.

Right now the only way to listen to their music is by buying their vinyl record or attending one of their shows. Actually Sarah Jarosz and Garrison are 2 miles from me performing in Utah tonight, but I didn’t get tickets :'( For now, you can binge on YouTube with me until their actual album (hopefully) and a proper US tour happens one day.