Theme Week: Products < $100

I have known about dry shampoo for a couple years now and had tried a couple different brands both from friends and through BirchBox (when I had a subscription). I hard a hard time finding something that was effective, fairly inexpensive (read: not $50 for a bottle eek!) and easily available to purchase and 2015 will be marked as the year that I FINALLY FOUND EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED!

Batiste brand Original is pretty amazing. If your hair is getting a bit greasy spray this guy on your roots (amazing especially if you have bangs) and massage into your hair.

I use dry shampoo when:

  • I am unable to shower (camping)
  • I want to both not shower and not look homeless (Saturdays)
  • I work out and need to look like a real human afterwards (Mondays & Fridays at work)

Price: $6-7 for a bottle, it took me about 6 months to go through a bottle with my usage.
Availability: Its available in the BP section of Nordstrom,  my local Target and I believe at Walgreens.
Potential downside: This does make your hair grey until you rub it in, so make sure you rub it in quickly or spray on the underside of your hair if your hair is darker. It goes away completely for me, but my hair is pretty light, I wouldn’t be surprised if dark hair didn’t work amazing for it. If you check out the the Batiste for brunettes, let me know what you think :)

Theme Week: Just Around the Corner

I am posting from a rocking chair on a porch overlooking the North Carolina mountains; cup of coffee to my left and laptop battery on low. This reprieve is one of many I have taken since moving to Atlanta after discovering that it is necessary for me to escape city living for a few days to maintain balance.

While sitting here it caused me to wonder; with the maelstrom of activities that often haunts awesome, enigmatic and charming people as this family so clearly embodies – I wanted to see where each person goes ‘just around the corner’ to recharge. It can be a favorite chair, pages of your favorite book, prayer corner, running trail, et al.  I’d like to see where you go when you need to recharge?

Chestnut Cottage Front Porch

Fun anecdote, this cabin is a short walk away from the Appalachian trail and the town of Hot Springs, NC is a stop along the long journey for through-hikers walking from Georgia. to Maine.



Theme Week: Emily on Podcasts

I really like podcasts, here’s what I listen to:

This American LifeI think all our blog readers here are on board with TAL. My favorite episode is A Little Bit of Knowledge.

Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin: Alec talks with artists and policy makers. I really like his style, it really feels more like a conversation and not so much like an interview. I especially like the episode when he interviews Rosie O’Donnell; they both grew up similarly in large Catholic families in Long Island, I really liked the conversation. Also, Lorne Michaels is a great episode The nice thing is Alec’s guests are never promoting anything when they are on the show so it feels authentic.

On the MediaBrooke Gladstone is just amazing. I think we can all agree that the media is very sensationalized and driven by ratings instead of the actual news. Brooke and her team do a great job of helping us understand what is actually going on with the current media in a compelling manner that has helped me better weed my way through the news and media.

If you want to keep following the story from season one, follow Rabia on twitter, warning this girl knows how to RT and will fill up your feed.

The Moth & Snap Judgement: To me, these are like supplements for TAL. The three swap stories sometimes and are all similarly about storytelling. The Month is live stories told without notes and Snap Judgement is storytelling with a beat. Sometimes I can get lost in Snap (not engrossed, but literally lost), but its good if you are sewing/driving and want something to listen to. I really like the Moth and am really excited to go to The Bee: True Stories from the Hive locally tonight!

Making It with Riki LindhomeI love Garfunkle and Oats the comedy duo. This podcast is Riki (the blonde) speaking with other comedians about how they started out. Its a pretty interesting conversation with a couple funny people. I also feel like I could be friends with Riki and Kate, so this podcast makes me feel like I’m making progress on that friendship.

StartUpThis is about new companies. The first season was about the company behind the podcast (Gimlet Media) and their journey through starting a company. Alex Blumberg from TAL & Planet Money is the host the first season and the founder of the company. Its super interesting, especially since Gimlet Media has created two other amazing podcasts, Reply All & Mystery Show.

Reply All: A podcast about the internet. I like internet culture and these guys do a great job of providing the human element of an internet phenomenon or internet history. This is in my top 3 favorites.

Mystery ShowThis is my favorite right now. Starlee Kine (yes, previous TAL contributor) just solves mysteries that can’t be solved using just the internet. The best part, she has the same sort of training as me, nothing. She is adorable and I really want to be her friend. I am really sad that the first season just finished. My favorite episode is Starlee solving question of Jake Gyllenhaal’s height, this is harder than you may think.


Podcasts I don’t listen to every week, but have occasionally enjoyed:

99% Invisible: Roman Mars has an incredible voice and once did a story on the PDX Carpet. The show is about design.

Stuff You Should Know: This is a great podcast to fall asleep to.

The Heart: This is edgy and interesting story about relationships and intimacy.

Invisibilia: NPR’s current darling podcast. I didn’t get into it until the first season was over, so I feel like an outsider on this podcast.

Theme Week: Let’s Talk About It

So when I started thinking about which podcasts I wanted to write about I started looking at my list on Stitcher (an app I highly recommend for keeping track of and listening to all your podcasts) but my list is kind of long. Then I thought about which podcasts I think are the best. How can you rate podcasts though? Each one (on my list) has value in and of its own right.

Hmmm… I guess in my mind the podcasts that stand out are the ones that creep into my conversations. If I just listen to it and enjoy it that is one thing but if I feel compelled to share it with, well, EVERYONE that is an entirely new level. So here are the podcasts that I’m constantly talking about.

Everyone I talk to is probably tired of hearing everything about this show. I’ve heard criticisms that it is a little overproduced or over-edited and I can see that but wow, the content blows my mind every single week. I can’t even define exactly what this show is all about but here are some recent topics that have entered into conversations:
-In Cuba, there were some young people that started injecting themselves with AIDS so that they could play rock music. Los Frikis
-In Oregon, there was a family killed by a Japanese bomb that floated over from Japan on a parachute. Fu-Go
-There is technology out there to catch EVERY criminal and it’s been tried out in a few places but people generally aren’t willing to allow it in their town. Eye in the Sky

Note to Self
That last Radiolab episode I listed got me listening to a new favorite of mine Note to Self. It is all about how technology is affecting the lives of everyone and how it is changing the way we live for better or for worse. A few recent topics:
Wevorce- a way to divorce over Skype and actually it is a way more personal and pleasant experience.
Online Shopping – how are they manipulating us?

This American Life
Do I need to say anything? This show has shaped my life but also seems like such a part of life itself it needs no explanation. When has water been listed on the menu as an option of what to drink?

Snap Judgement
I dare you to try to turn off the podcast in the midst of the Glynn Washington storytelling that opens the show. Impossible! I am always stopped in my tracks holding my breath, he is a master story teller. If you want great compelling stories told in amazing ways this is your show. Just in the last show:
A gay man is in China illegally interviewing very powerful rich men and gets taken to a whore house as an honored guest.
A women adores Bill Clinton yet somehow messes up every time she gets a chance to meet him until she meets him while at a bachelorette party in Vegas.
A young student arrives at UCLA on a partial scholarship, oh oops that means they don’t cover room and board…

So next time I’m talking to you and I look like I’m only half listening, yes, I AM trying to find a way to fit “this one thing that I heard on a podcast last week that I’m dying to talk about” into our conversation. If you happen to mention HIV you know we’re going to talk about Cuba.

Podcast suggestion

I would recommend some of the podcasts by Rev. Dr. Spitzer, if you are into science, philosophy, and theology (and especially if you are interested in the interconnection of all three together).  Among his works is a 12-part podcast series called “God and Modern Physics.”  I haven’t been able to get too into it because of work and school, but what I have heard I have found interesting and enlightening — maybe you will too!

Sorry, I have not been able to figure out how to obtain his podcasts in downloadable format, I have only found where you can stream the podcasts.