Foodie Friday: Smoothie

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I love making smoothies for my son Wyatt. He loves them and since he isn’t that great at eating fresh fruits and vegetables this is a good way to sneak many of them into his diet. I am also able to sneak a few more good things into my picky husband’s diet too 😉

Smoothie’s in my house greatly depend on what we have around the house but generally this is what we have and what I use.


Follow this order and the blender tends to blend things appropriately.

6-8 large ice cubes
1 banana (I won’t eat bananas except in smoothies)
Large handful of spinach leaves (I buy Popeye’s bagged spinach)
Medium handful of blue berries (I have frozen bag in the freezer at all times)
2-3 halves of frozen peaches (I skinned and pitted and froze peaches last summer)
4 Cuties/Clementines or 2 regular oranges
Then I pour in whole milk because they’re mostly for Wyatt but you could add 1%,
I probably pour in a cup. If the blender won’t blend I add more milk.

Can you imagine all the vitamins you’re getting in this??!!

I just bought frozen strawberries that I plan to add next time. This summer I’m going to try to freeze more of my own fruit, maybe blackberries and raspberries?

When I think about this, Wyatt drinks over 1/3 of this recipe so he gets 1/3 banana, 1/3 cup of spinach, 1 half of a peach, 1/4 cup of blueberries, over 1 Cutie. That definitely hits the fruit mark and helps get us closer to the vegetable one.

Sometimes I make banana and spinach smoothies. They are green and actually really tasty too. Ice and milk is all you add to those.

Journaling about a Toddler

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As a parent of a toddler I wrestle with what to document and what not to. I think I have documented everything sufficiently through short videos created on Snapchat so at least my Timehop app gives me updates of everything we have done on any given day; a year ago. What should I take a step further in documenting?

I’ve decided I’m going to document him as a reader. Yes, the fact I’m a teacher is clearly showing through but I thought it would be fascinating to watch how a reader truly develops because I’ll get to see it with my own eyes.

I honestly wish I’d started sooner. I’ve already missed documenting when he started knowing when a book is upside down, turning pages, making connections, and lots of other small things that make someone a reader but I think I’ll start now.

What would you/did you/are you documenting about your children? What in retrospect was the most helpful?

Toddlers and a Hot Summer: Not a good mix

Now I know many people do not think 100 degree weather means you can’t go outside but I along with many Oregonians (Abigail not included) just want to hide inside when the sun comes out.

This isn’t generally a problem unless you have an 18 month old that has to burn off x amount of calories everyday before they will nap. This calorie burn usually involves a walk or a trip to the park but today I just didn’t want to do either of those things.

Instead I thought, “I would love to have an indoor jungle gym!” while yes I did find a lot of ideas on Pinterest none of them were doable today. So instead I looked around the house and came up with something in about 3 minutes. I created an obstacle.

I have several boxes full of wipes and diapers, and even empty boxes that are sturdy enough for Wyatt to climb and stand on. I also found our foam letter mats that we haven’t used yet. I stacked them all in the hallway so that he couldn’t move around them. Now at first, he just tried to move them but I explained that he had to climb over and the fun began! I would jump to one side of the pile and tell him to come get me and then play with him and then jump to the other side and do the same. We had a super fun time and he was all tuckered out when it was time for his nap.      – Kathleen

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